PHOTO GALLARY / FinTech Awards 2016 & 2017

WINNER LIST / FinTech Awards 2016

Award Category: 1 – FinTech Innovation in Payments                                

Launched in 2015, their business is profoundly changing the payment methodology and process of one of Australia’s oldest and most popular retail enablers – the Lay By model – this company delivers an elegantly simple, but technologically sophisticated solution which reinvents lay by – their product success has led to a listing on the ASX.

Winner – Afterpay

Award Category: 2 – FinTech Innovation in Wealth Management (Robo-Advice) 

Their service has thrown out the traditional financial service business model that preferences in-house products and lacks fee transparency in favour of an “advice only” fixed-fee-for-service subscription model, that offers subscribers the ability to manage their own investments with a choice of over 30,000 asset options from equities, funds and ETFs.

Winner – Owners Advisory by Macquarie Group

Award Category: 3 – FinTech Innovation in Lending for a FinTech

Their service is radically changing the landscape of financial services. Since their foundation less than five years ago, they have gone from a standing start to providing more than $100 million in loans to over 4,000 customers

They use risk-based pricing to match the needs of borrowers wanting unsecured personal loans to the requirements of investors who fund loans on their platform.

Winner – SocietyOne

Award Category: 4 – Best Innovation in Cyber Security & Anti-Fraud        

Their team of ex-Military intelligence staff have helped over 40 FinTech companies around the world to find and fix security breaches – their cloud based virtual hacker assesses web, mobile and cloud applications for security loopholes. Their Artificial Intelligence service reduces security loophole fixing time from days to minutes.

Winner – Entersoft

Award Category: 5 – Best Research in FinTech        

This company collects financial data via accountants, and turns the data into a content marketing service that it serves back to those accountants, who use the insights as part of their marketing to generate new clients


Award Category: 6 – Best FinTech Communications Campaign                  

They are the fastest growing Wealth Management mobile app/website in Australia since launching in February 2016. It is a micro investing platform that allows the investor to be fully invested from the first $5 into a diversified portfolio of ETFs – Their communications campaign generated a massive 26,000 pre-launch registrations off over 200 mentions in the media and When officially launched they achieved 50,000 downloads in just three weeks

Winner – Acorns Grow Australia

Award Category: 7 – Best FinTech-Bank Collaboration of the Year

Launched as a pilot program in December 2015, this fintech-bank partnership is currently helping CBA’s Small Business customers get access to finance. This partnership provides lending solutions to selected customers among CBA’s half a million Small Business customers. Customers best suited to short-term, unsecured loans are referred to this service, which assesses the application against its proprietary data-driven tool based on criteria such as cashflow.

Winner – OnDeck Capital Australia

Award Category: 8 – FinTech Leader of the Year    

He led the first peer-to-peer lending business to be licenced by ASIC to be able to accept retail investors – he took a number of years of working with ASIC so the business could become the first peer-to-peer lender to be granted a peer-to-peer lending specific AFSL and to register Australia’s first peer-to-peer lending specific managed investment scheme.

He has worked to ensure FinTech can raise the standards of lending and transparency in Australia, including being the first lender to allow borrowers to gain an indicative loan interest rate without negatively impacting their credit score and

  • The first lender to release its loan book publically, and the first lender to provide real-time updates to the public in relation to its loan book credit performance
  • The first lender to share comprehensive credit data with other lenders
  • The first peer-to-peer lender to have a Provision Fund to help protect investors from defaults,

He’s built a team of 35, and is a national and international advocate for the sector.

Winner – Daniel Foggo, RateSetter Australia

Award Category: 9 – Female FinTech Leader of the Year    

She is Bringing an open environment blockchain to the Financial markets and reducing costs and increasing efficiency for how the Sydney Stock exchange clear and settle trades – she is replacing existing processes with blockchain technology – and this is truly disruptive – she is a national and international speaker and advocate for blockchain, and she is leading the change for the SSX.

Winner – Loretta Joseph, Sydney Stock Exchange

Award Category: 10 – FinTech CTO/CIO of the Year          

This CTO has been involved in the peer-to-peer industry since 2007. He regularly speaks about the intersection of technology and credit, the use of alternative data in credit decisions, and the application of big data and machine learning techniques to lending.

Under his CTO leadership the company has cemented its position as the most technologically innovative peer-to-peer lender in Australia, pioneering a number of cutting edge market firsts.

Amongst many other achievements, This CTO designed the company’s credit decisioning and pricing engine that delivers the most granular risk based pricing in Australia, offering borrowers the most highly personalised rate in the market.

Winner – Glenn Riddell, RateSetter Australia

Award Category: 11 – InsureTech Startup of the Year       

Their digital health platform is unique in helping insurers provide deeply personalized health & wellness assistance to large scale member populations at a radically cheap price, and use biosensor data to manage and price risk in innovative new ways – they white label paid services to a number of life and general insurance companies

They have an AI health coach, whichs helps attract & retain healthy profitable members. Their platform pulls data from over 200 wearables, biosensors & health apps so insurers can collect massive amounts of personalized real-time health data and use it to identify, predict & manage risk.

Winner – Boundlss

Award Category: 12 – FinTech Startup of the Year

This company has developed a technology platform for its small loans that leverages big data and machine learning to provide a fully automated, mobile centric loan that is accessible online, 24/7. Their small loans are delivered and priced in a tailored way through a proprietary risk-assessment algorithm that uses more touch points than the banks to comprehensively assess the creditworthiness of applicants, and apply a tailored price accordingly. Through this risk-based pricing mechanism, they offers lower risk customers significant cost savings, and has a default rate within the peer-to-peer spread of 2-4%

It is their rapid growth in capturing significant market share in the millennial market since the beginning of this year that set this company apart; they’ve just raised a whopping $30m to scale the business

Winner – MoneyMe